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Happy Golden Year!

It has long been planned by Katrina — a surprise birthday party for Mama Cheng,

With the help of Tita Regie, everything was organized.

There held yesterday December 3,2009 a lunch party at the Atrium of ECJ Condominium in Intramuros.

A small program and a simple party was held to celebrate the 50th birthday attended by the whole FCPI family and Tita Cheng’s closest friends.

All the while, she thought that this party is everything. She’s happy at any rate.

What she didn’t know was that something bigger was prepared in the evening.

Everyone left the office early to be at Celsius for the set up. We waited at the 2nd floor balcony for Tita Cheng and family to arrive. Everyone was holding confetti for the “surprise!” shout out.

It so happened just across Celsius is  a native restaurant serving bulalo, sisig, tapsilog, etc…

Katrina led the group to this restaurant and there Tita Cheng couldn’t believe that they’re going to eat in such restaurant for a big occasion.

” Dito? Dito talaga tayo kakain? ” was heard from Tita Cheng

As Katrina had already sensed the disappointment from her Mama Cheng, she led her outside in front of Celsius.

And at a cue, lights went on, everyone stood up and greeted “Surprise! Happy birthday Mam Cheng!”

A big laugh was heard from the celebrant.  She was genuinely surprised.

More friends of Tita Cheng came aside from the usual  family and office staff.  Kevin, who’s in Florida at this time for his internship may have missed the party but he prepared a video message for his Mama Cheng inserted on the AVP created by Katrina.

The surprise party was a success.

Tita Cheng have celebrated her golden year in such a memorable fashion.


Tita Cheng 50th Birthday Celebration by FCPI

Tita Cheng’s 50th Birthday Party At Celsius