Hard on the outside. Soft on the inside.

LCSGS87 Meet Up

I’m a Consolinian.  I used to be so early in school just to make sure I won’t be saying the Morning Offering , singing the National Anthem and reciting the Panatang Makabayan beside our security guard Navarette while Mang Margarito had already grab my bag to deliver it to our classroom.  I used to know all the prayer for the saints of whatever  section I belong to. I used to pray the Novena by heart even without looking at the booklet.  I used to be a member of COM (Children of Mary) and wore that pink medal.  I used to participate in the Bible Reading every Monday.   I used to own the 2 songbooks He Who Sings Well Prays Twice Volume 1 (Red) and Volume 2 (Green).

Yes,  all that was the reason why I have this very strong spiritual foundation.  An Augustinian Sisters influence which made me thought one time to become a nun myself but was discouraged.

(Bakit kaya? :D )

Anyway, what made me reminisce my Consolininan days was because of the recent meet up with some of my Grade school classmates.

January 17, 2010 At Jack’s Loft

Nikki, Fidelis, Norman and Michael Joy happend to be in town.  Jenny and Cecille also made it and of course the 3 Single Ladies are always present —  me, Maita and Liza.  :D

January 19,2010 At Yoohoo Bar

Since Ray Victor was not able to make  it on the first meet up, we scheduled another for him and we were glad to see JV as well.

Seeing my grade school classmates was fun and full of laughter especially having MJ and JV around.

We are planning an LCSGS87 meet up soon and everyone looks forward to that.


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