Hard on the outside. Soft on the inside.

Welcome 2010!

It’s another New Year and like all other New Years, it was spent with the people that matters.

We didn’t have any fireworks. Only the usual New Year’s eve dinner.

A New Year inspire resolutions and goals.  This year, I only have 2 major goals  in my list that I have to put all focus on.

1.  A stronger market presence for Fivestar

Our company opened amidst the global crisis.  It was risky considering the market situation.  An opportunity was presented and I needed to grab the chance.  And now like all other businesses, it would only be successful as a result of hard work.

2. Weigh Less

I know, I know you’ve heard it before. But this time, I’m taking on a different weightloss plan which I have already started in December.  I just hope that it’s gonna work this time.   :)

So, wish me luck!

Happy New Year to all of us!

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