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Christmas Is In The Air

Christmas …. it’s Christmas time once again. I started my Christmas gift shopping as early as November.

And come December, our Christmas tree is all set up with the gifts.

The kids get excited knowing they can get their most coveted wishes!

But I have a wish list too.

Since last Christmas, I started to make a Christmas wish list where my family could check out what they can get for a gift which I would really like to have.

Here are the easy ones:

1. Starbucks tumbler – so I can take my coffee while driving to the office.

2. Twilight 4 set Journal – for a creative project I have in mind for my kids

3. Paulo Coelho book -  any of the following: Brida, Fifth Mountain, By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept or Like The Flowing River.

4. Credit Card Holder

5. Work out clothes

6. CD from any artist I like

I’m sure my kids would get me something from the list. Now I only need to guess who gets me what.

Now I’m excited as well.