Hard on the outside. Soft on the inside.


LCSGS87 Meet Up

I’m a Consolinian.  I used to be so early in school just to make sure I won’t be saying the Morning Offering , singing the National Anthem and reciting the Panatang Makabayan beside our security guard Navarette while Mang Margarito had already grab my bag to deliver it to our classroom.  I used to know all the prayer for the saints of whatever  section I belong to. I used to pray the Novena by heart even without looking at the booklet.  I used to be a member of COM (Children of Mary) and wore that pink medal.  I used to participate in the Bible Reading every Monday.   I used to own the 2 songbooks He Who Sings Well Prays Twice Volume 1 (Red) and Volume 2 (Green).

Yes,  all that was the reason why I have this very strong spiritual foundation.  An Augustinian Sisters influence which made me thought one time to become a nun myself but was discouraged.

(Bakit kaya? :D )

Anyway, what made me reminisce my Consolininan days was because of the recent meet up with some of my Grade school classmates.

January 17, 2010 At Jack’s Loft

Nikki, Fidelis, Norman and Michael Joy happend to be in town.  Jenny and Cecille also made it and of course the 3 Single Ladies are always present —  me, Maita and Liza.  :D

January 19,2010 At Yoohoo Bar

Since Ray Victor was not able to make  it on the first meet up, we scheduled another for him and we were glad to see JV as well.

Seeing my grade school classmates was fun and full of laughter especially having MJ and JV around.

We are planning an LCSGS87 meet up soon and everyone looks forward to that.


2010 Miriam High School Family Day

The first event of the year for us is the 2010 Miriam High School Family Day held this morning at MCHS 2/F Cafetorium with the theme “Batch Friends Forever”.

Registration started at 8:00AM followed by a Holy Mass officiated by Fr. Jesus Ritchie Santos, SDB. The highlight of the activity is the Amazing Race. But for me, like the usual stage mother that I am, Chanel’s band playing was my most awaited activity.

May I present PARALLEL MOTION ….


At the end of it all, I went home a proud mom.

(Shhhhh …. even though I know the last song was not really good. :D )?

2010 Belle de Jour Power Planner

New Year needs a new planner.  And when you say planner, it only means one thing to me — a Belle de Jour.

As early as November, I already ordered my 2010 Belle de Jour but it’s only now that I started to write on them.

It’s only my 2nd BDJ and I would say the 2010 edition have good changes in it.

Here are some of the  2010 BDJ Power Planner features:

1. BDJ Forget-Me-Not Notepad

2. 2010 Goals Page

3.  Dream Board

4.  2010 Checklist

5.  Habit Tracker

6.  Monthly Calendar

7. Monthly Plans

8. Weekly/Daily Plans

Other features include:

a. Menstrual Tracker

b. Health Checklist

c. Vacation Planner

d. Expense Tracker

e. Savings Tracker

f.  Discount Coupons

Though there is an increase in the number of shops with discount coupon, I just feel disappointed that Charles & Keith and Aldo shops were not included this time.

At any rate, I’m still happy and loving  my BDJ.   :)

For those who are interested to get one, you may :

Visit their website at http://www.belledejourpowerplanner.com

And if you have a Facebook account, add them : Belle de Jour Power Planner

PHOTO CREDITS: Photos of  the 2010 Goals Page, Dream Board, 2010 Checklist and Monthly Calendar are properties of  BDJ Power Planner / Viviamo! Inc.

Welcome 2010!

It’s another New Year and like all other New Years, it was spent with the people that matters.

We didn’t have any fireworks. Only the usual New Year’s eve dinner.

A New Year inspire resolutions and goals.  This year, I only have 2 major goals  in my list that I have to put all focus on.

1.  A stronger market presence for Fivestar

Our company opened amidst the global crisis.  It was risky considering the market situation.  An opportunity was presented and I needed to grab the chance.  And now like all other businesses, it would only be successful as a result of hard work.

2. Weigh Less

I know, I know you’ve heard it before. But this time, I’m taking on a different weightloss plan which I have already started in December.  I just hope that it’s gonna work this time.   :)

So, wish me luck!

Happy New Year to all of us!

Barbi & Jorg’s Boracay Wedding

Pumkin and I just got home from Boracay. Just time for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Two days ago, we flew to Boracay to attend my good friend Barbi’s wedding.  This event was full of excitement and emotion.

The wedding was simple yet the very solemn ceremony made it for me as the wedding of the year. Or I could even consider it the best wedding I ever witnessed.  I can really feel and say  ”Love is in the air!”

It seems the relationship was like a whirlwind romance. I was just so pleasantly surprised when Barbi broke the news about Jorg. It may be too soon for such commitment  but for people who are in love, there is no right time. When you love, you love.

The ceremony and reception was held at Hotel Isla Boracay.

Barbi dressed in a pink gown created by Nat Manilag boarded a special “bridal car”– a boat which took her from Fairways to Hotel Isla shore.

The whole family of Jorg as well as his closest  friends took time to fly in to attend that special day.  There weren’t so many guests.  I would say around 75 guests that included  Jorg and Barbi’s family and her closest friends from the beauty and fashion industry.

Pastor Robert Hern  who is close to the couple solemnized the wedding.  They were made to give their wedding vows in their own words.  This was the part that was so moving.  As each deliver their vows, guests had shed a tear or two.  I for one would shamelessly admit. The words from Jorg and Barbi were so filled with emotion that everyone who heard them had felt it with their hearts too. No words can clearly describe that moment. And that made this wedding a very special one for me.

I may dream  to have the same kind of wedding.  Maybe not for me but for my children who I wish someday will find the right love .

Just as Barbi and Jorg did.

Just a special note, Barbi and Jorg had the best photographer capturing the moments —  Pat Dy and his team as well as the best videographer, Jason Magbanua.

I hope Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua would not mind me  posting their videos  here.  :)

joerg and barbi friebel’s wedding in boracay from patdy on Vimeo.

Barbi and Jörg from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

And of course, I took photos too:  Barbi Und Jorg’s Boracay Wedding

2009 Family Christmas Party

This year’s Family Christmas party was more organized.  Held at the usual family party place at May St., the family members arrived wearing clothes of  their assigned color. Color-coding baga. This was for the purpose of easily identifying to which family one belongs to and for photo purposes.

The highlight of the party was the group presentation. Ideally, the presentation should be on a per family basis. But some of my cousins have formed a group mostly consisting of the young generation.

It was so much fun that night.

Here are the group presentation:

Group 1 – Weng’s Group

Group 2 – Shaun’s Group

Group 3 – Tito Jhonny & Kids

Group 4 – Dela Cruz Family

Group 5 - Pumkin’s Group

Group 6 – Aman’s Group

Aman’s group won as the 2009 Champion.   We expect that next year would be as fun if not better than what we had this time.

And of course, the photos:

2009 Family Christmas Party

2009 Family Christmas Presentation

Happy 7th Birthday Alessandra Nicole

Proud parents Alex and Ilene have invited us for the 7th Year birthday of  their daughter Alessandra Nicole held at their residence in Quezon City.

I took the initiative of being the unofficial party photographer.

I like to share with you the photos.  Click here.

2009 EALC Christmas Concert

A Christmas Concert was organized by EALC as a fund raising project for the benefit of Children’s Joy Foundation.

It was so awesome to watch all these small children in their costumes participate in such meaningful event.

Here’s the Junior Nursery with their Wonderful Christmas Time

And together with the students from other  EALC schools, here’s Give Love On Christmas Day

2009 FCPI Christmas Party


This year’s FCPI Christmas Party was held at May St.

As always, an FCPI party is also a family affair and so there we were  celebrating with them.

What made this party really fun and special was a revelation from my cousin Tracy.

Watch this and find out why ….

Knowing my cousin Tracy to be a quiet and shy boy, for me this was a revelation.

I didn’t know that he had also inherited that particular family gene.

Aren’t we all fun?  :D

Photos: FCPI Xmas Party 2009

Happy Golden Year!

It has long been planned by Katrina — a surprise birthday party for Mama Cheng,

With the help of Tita Regie, everything was organized.

There held yesterday December 3,2009 a lunch party at the Atrium of ECJ Condominium in Intramuros.

A small program and a simple party was held to celebrate the 50th birthday attended by the whole FCPI family and Tita Cheng’s closest friends.

All the while, she thought that this party is everything. She’s happy at any rate.

What she didn’t know was that something bigger was prepared in the evening.

Everyone left the office early to be at Celsius for the set up. We waited at the 2nd floor balcony for Tita Cheng and family to arrive. Everyone was holding confetti for the “surprise!” shout out.

It so happened just across Celsius is  a native restaurant serving bulalo, sisig, tapsilog, etc…

Katrina led the group to this restaurant and there Tita Cheng couldn’t believe that they’re going to eat in such restaurant for a big occasion.

” Dito? Dito talaga tayo kakain? ” was heard from Tita Cheng

As Katrina had already sensed the disappointment from her Mama Cheng, she led her outside in front of Celsius.

And at a cue, lights went on, everyone stood up and greeted “Surprise! Happy birthday Mam Cheng!”

A big laugh was heard from the celebrant.  She was genuinely surprised.

More friends of Tita Cheng came aside from the usual  family and office staff.  Kevin, who’s in Florida at this time for his internship may have missed the party but he prepared a video message for his Mama Cheng inserted on the AVP created by Katrina.

The surprise party was a success.

Tita Cheng have celebrated her golden year in such a memorable fashion.


Tita Cheng 50th Birthday Celebration by FCPI

Tita Cheng’s 50th Birthday Party At Celsius